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Psychological assistance

The medical psychologist treats patients with psychological complaints and problems associated with health problems. You can therefore only be referred to a medical psychologist by your doctor. Sometimes physical complaints are (partly) caused or maintained by personal problems, problems in relationships, in the family, at school or at work. Complaints and / or illness can disrupt the normal development of children. A medical psychologist examines and treats people for whom there is a connection between physical complaints and psychological functioning. Sometimes a consultation about the nature and cause of the complaints is sufficient. In other cases, psychological treatment is suggested.

The help you receive depends on the nature and severity of your problems and your specific request for help.


Our treatment team consists of the following medical psychologists:


Drs. A. Verwey

Consultation days                   Clinical hours


Friday                                          11:00 am - 04:00 pm



You can visit or call for an appointment by telephone at 471212, extension 777.

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