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   Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

Your visit is most welcome, but please take the Hospital rules into account. In order to limit the chance of further spread of the coronavirus, and not to unnecessarily expose patients and employees in our hospital to risks, it has been decided to further tighten the visitor policy in St. Vincentius Hospital. As we recognize that this decision has a major impact on patients and family members, we hope for your cooperation and understanding of these far-reaching measures.


New visitor scheme

Patients may only receive visitors between 02:00 pm and 04:00 pm.

The following applies:

  • Per patient only one (1) visitor will be allowed on the wards.

  • In addition, we ask you not to visit if you suffer from flu symptoms such as fever, cough or a bad cold.

  • Upon arrival, your hands will be disinfected with hand sanitizer and your temperature will be measured.

  • You are obliged to wear a protective face mask.


We check every day

whether additional measures are needed.


House rules of the St. Vincentius Hospital

In order to make staying and working in the hospital as pleasant as possible patients, clients, visitors and employees are expected to adhere to the house rules. These are accessible on various locations in the hospital.

  • We treat each other with respect in our hospital.

  • Our hospital is a smoke-free zone. It is absolutely not allowed to smoke in and around the hospital. Smoking is also not allowed at the hospital entrances.

  • The use of your phone is permitted, provided you take your fellow patients and visitors into account when conducting calls. Keep conversations short and to the point.

  • Taking photos and / or making video's is not allowed.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use alcoholic drinks and drugs during admission and / or visit to the hospital.

  • Due to the risk of infection, plants are not allowed in the various departments of the hospital. Flowers are allowed, except in the Intensive Care unit.

  • We do not allow violence in any form, (sexual) intimidation, destruction of property and possession of weapons. The hospital management will report physical, aggressive and serious threat to the police.

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