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                      "A solid vocational training is the basis of a successful career in healthcare."


The Vocational Training department of the St. Vincentius Hospital offers a step up to a full role in society. With us, students will find an inspiring and lively work and learning environment, in which they can prepare for their social role as a professional, responsible employee and self-confident citizen. Our small-scale structure is conducive to promoting involvement and solidarity among students and employees. We are open to students of all beliefs and religions. We value respect, personal attention and security.



Students of different levels are registered for the internship from their educational institution via e-mail. The internship period is also indicated. The students report to the Department on the first day of the internship. They are provided with a general view of the processes in the St. Vincentius Hospital.  The student is assigned to one of the nursing wards or other disciplines based on the skills he / she has to sign off and on which he / she has to work.

During the internship period, we keep a finger on the pulse by maintaining contact with the department management as well as the practice supervisors. In this way we stay informed about the 'functioning' of the student. In addition, evaluation, are planned for them. We encourage and motivate them to commit to achieving their goal.

Students also receive guidance from the Study Program in the elaboration on pathologies and graduation projects.


Continuing education and training

The vast majority of further vocational training and education activities in the St. Vincentius Hospital are organized by the Department. The themes are obtained from the nursing wards, a situation in which it is established that there is a need for more information, or at the request of a doctor or students.


Sounding board

The department has no threshold. It is worth noting that we primarily serve as a sounding board for students, but also for employees of different levels. We are always willing to offer a listening ear, to give advice and, if desired, to provide room for a conversation.

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