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Working and learning

"Young and old, each with their own talent and competences."


Why work and learn at the St. Vincentius Hospital?

Everyone is equal and welcome at the St. Vincentius Hospital. Integrity, customer focus, dedication, respect, professionalism, teamwork, trust, entrepreneurship and responsibility are the foundation of our thought and acting process. More than 700 employees from different disciplines work at the St. Vincentius Hospital. We provide our employees the room to share their insights and contribute to innovation and improvement. With 104 years of experience in healthcare, there is also a wealth of knowledge and expertise available.


Judy Derby

Administrative Assistant

Salary Administration

My name is Judy Maureen Derby and I have been working at the Salary Administration of St. Vincentius Hospital for over a year. I joined the SVZ laboratory on October 20, 1992 as a loving and caring employee. As an employee tasked with blood sampling I have contributed to the hospital for 27 years. I am knowledgeable on dealing with the sick in need. My job is always carried out with a lot of love towards patients, thus resulting in relationships being built. A smile on my patients' faces indicates the satisfaction with the quality of our care. Because of my inner urge for growth, I went back to school after 15 years. My further education has led to me now working at the Salary Administration of the SVZ. My thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for the perseverance, patience, love, compassion that have shaped me. Together with my colleagues I am responsible, for the management of the Salary Administration. I define myself as someone eager to learn and I always have the urge to learn even more. In all your ways acknowledge the Lord, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3 verse 6.

 “Where there is a WILL, there are OPTIONS"

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Lloyd Olijfveld

Ambulance Driver

Admission office

I am Lloyd Olijfveld. I started as a cook in the Central Kitchen of the St. Vincentius Hospital 7 years ago. When I started there, a whole new world opened up for me. I worked in the kitchen for a year and this was a very informative period. The special thing is that cooking in a hospital kitchen is different from other kitchens. In a hospital you have to take into account the dietary schemes of the different types of patients. Food preparation is done very differently. In 2014 I decided to pursue my dream job as an ambulance driver. It has been 6 years now that I have been transporting patients to and from the various healthcare institutions. As an ambulance driver you are directly involved in saving human lives. I personally love to help and I am always there for my patients. For me and my colleagues it is a challenge to be ready at any moment, with the aim of caring for the patient. Everyday my colleagues and I work with heart and soul towards the best healthcare possible. After every work day I always consider what and how I can do my job better.

“Self-evaluation is very important”

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Ronny Dipodrono

Technical Assistant

Technical Service Department

My name is Ronny Dipodrono and I have been working as a Technical Assistant in the Technical Service department of the St. Vincentius Hospital for 16 years . I do not come into direct contact with patients, but everything I do, I ultimately do for the patient. After 16 years, working in the St. Vincentius Hospital continues to be pleasant for me, especially when I notice that my work contributes to the patient's recovery. I am a go-getter who carries out his work properly with a lot of passion and a smile. My daily activities mainly involve the technical maintenance of the building and patient rooms. I enjoy working with my colleagues.

  “Providing proper care together”

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