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The Physiotherapy Department of St. Vincentius Hospital provides high-quality physiotherapeutic care to both clinical patient and outpatients. The physiotherapeutic treatment is aimed at improving the condition, muscle strength or, for example, being able to (re)perform daily activities, such as getting up from a chair or climbing stairs.

In addition, the physiotherapist also has an advisory role.

Physiotherapy during and after your admission to the St. Vincentius Hospital

The Physiotherapy Department of the St. Vincentius Hospital supports patients with their recovery during or after hospitalization. If you have problems with moving during your hospitalization, the physiotherapist will conduct his treatment very closely. The physical therapist can help you train for strength, coordination or endurance. The physiotherapist can also provide support for problems with daily activities such as climbing stairs. The physiotherapists at St. Vincentius Hospital can also help you with your recovery after you leave the hospital.


Our physiotherapists work closely with the hospital's specialists and other care providers.


The situation of each patient is unique, so each patient receives appropriate treatment. In consultation with the physiotherapist you will be offered a tailor-made program.


The physiotherapy department can be reached by telephone at 471212, extension 268.

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