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Speech therapy

A speech therapist examines and treats patients with neurological speech and language disorders, swallowing disorders (dysphagia), half-sided facial paralysis, voice disorders and swallowing and nutritional problems of babies. The speech therapist treats both clinical patient and outpatient patients and helps them with swishing, stuttering, voice and breathing problems. Referral to a speech therapist is done by a doctor or general practitioner or on your own initiative. The speech therapist draws up a treatment plan in consultation with the patient and parents / carers.


For more information you can contact, whatsapp or text our speech therapists.

  • Mrs. Gracia Nelson (+597) 8534466

  • Mrs. Fiona Pawirodikromo (+597) 8592261

Also available by telephone at 471212, extension 331.


Mw. Gracia Nelson


Mw. Fiona Pawirodikromo

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