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Paediatric nephrology

The Nephrology specialism focuses on kidney diseases. These are disorders that cause damage to the kidney (s), such as inflammation of the kidneys and cyst kidneys.


The pediatric nephrologist deals with complaints and diseases that originate in the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract of children. Examples of such complaints are pain when urinating, not being able to control urination, blood when urinating, but sometimes also complaints of fluid retention and high blood pressure. There are several kidney diseases. Some children have red blood cells or protein in the urine. Other children have high blood pressure, kidney stones or fluid retention.


The St. Vincentius Hospital has the pediatrician - nephrologist Werner Keenswijk. The special areas of focus of this specialist are general pediatrics, acute and chronic kidney disease, urinary incontinence and enuresis and pediatric dialysis. He is also trained in pediatric rheumatology.


The clinical hours of Drs. W. Keenswijk are:


Monday to Friday: 08:00 am - 03:00 pm


For more information and appointments, you can contact the clinic by telephone at 471212, extension 229.


Dr. W. Keenswijk

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